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Are you Prepared for Hurricane Harvey?!

Hurricane Harvey is dangerously approaching the Texas Coast and is an extremely dangerous flood threat for Texas and Louisiana. SanServe Janitorial will be working around-the-clock to ensure that our customers are kept safe and dry.  SanServe Janitorial hopes that you and your love ones stay safe through Hurricane Harvey.SanServe Janitorial would like to offer some helpful tips how you can safely prevent long term damage after flooding because flood waters not only cause visible damage...
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It’s that time of the year again……. Time for Spring Cleaning!!

This is a great opportunity to clear out the items you no longer need and can start a fresh 2016!  Here is a Spring Cleaning Checklist and a few tips on how to go about spring cleaning your office: Keep only what is needOur work spaces tend to be full of… stuff.  So look around and ask yourself, “do I need these or will I be needing it in the near future?” It’s likely you will not so time to toss it!  It will be more productive to have that extra space for yourself and your w...
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Happy Holidays from your SanServe Family

 SanServe is a leader in the janitorial field and can provide QUALITY service at competitive prices.  SanServe Janitorial was founded in 1963. SanServe Janitorial is backed by the experience of providing building maintenance services for over thirty of the Upper Gulf Coast’s major petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as numerous banks, medical facilities, and commercial buildings.We proudly service the following areas and the surrounding cities: Houston, TX - Austin, ...
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SanServe Appliance Cleaning Tips and Tricks

While preparing healthy meals for your family, it is so important to handle food properly and to keep your kitchen appliances clean.   Appliances such as, refrigerators, freezers, ovens and microwaves are used on a daily basis, causing these appliances to easily accumulate grease, grime and then they become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs.Not to worry, here are a few SanServe tips and tricks on how to keep your kitchen appliances not only hygienically clean, but also to le...
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Avoid water damage! SanServe Janitorial wants to keep your business dry during this unexpected weather!

  15.00   Throughout Texas we have been experiencing extremely dangerous and life-threatening weather conditions this spring. To be honest, I never expected to witness this much rainfall in the Gulf Coast area which is causing many of our customers to call in to help with their water cleanup caused by flooding.  SanServe Janitorial has been working around-the-clock to ensure that our customers are kept safe and dry.   SanServe Janitorial would like to offer som...
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Why It's Important To Hire An Insured And Bonded Cleaning Company

I came across this hilarious commercial and yes, this is the worlds worst janitor but it does remind you of the importance of hiring a fully insured cleaning company. I know we are always looking to save where we can and price is an important factor when choosing a cleaning company but you’ve heard the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is“. The money you would save by hiring a non-insured/bonded company or individual could end up costing you big time in the long run!Com...
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10 Interesting Cleaning Facts

SanServe is a leader in the janitorial field and can provide QUALITY service at competitive prices.  SanServe Janitorial was founded in 1963 and has been providing exceptional building maintenance services to several major petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as numerous banks, medical facilities, and commercial buildings.In addition to our janitorial services, SanServe Janitorial also offers:Floor care including stripping and waxingCarpet CleaningConstruction CleaningDay Porte...
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Making Hand Washing Fun For The Classroom!

There is no way around it, our kiddos are notorious for having germy little fingers.  Unfortunately, while they are at school, they are less likely to wash or sanitize their hands after using the restroom, before lunch, and after recess….. Perhaps it is because they don’t have us there to nag.  If you think about it, students spend the entire day in such close proximity and when you have at least half of them not washing their hands throughout the day,  it’s no wonder why student ...
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Don't Forget Your Office Needs A Spring Cleaning Too!

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your home, it is essential to bring the same tradition to your work space!  We spend so much of our time at the office and I am constantly writing about the positive aspects of clean and organized surroundings.  Not only are you more productive while your surroundings are clean and organized but it also enhances the health of you and your colleagues.  Here are a few simple tips and a checklist to make Spring Cleaning your office a little easier.Don’t...
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Do your kids enjoy their chores? Valuable lessons are taught through their chores and responsibilities

As a child, I would have never thought that I would be in the janitorial industry, but it has truly turned into my passion and I love it. I have always felt that when our surroundings are clean and organized, we are more clear, creative and efficient in our productivity in whichever environment you are in. So how do we implement this into our children, our future because I can’t tell you how many times I found myself doing the things around the house just to get it done faster. Eventually there ...
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